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From interior designer to sell curtains, from selling curtains to selling wallpaper and wallpaper, and from time to time set up a football team to play a few games, as if pan Yinghai had to play some new tricks every time he crossed the border

from interior designer to sell curtains,

from selling curtains to selling wallpaper and wallpaper,

also form a football team to play a few games from time to time,

it seems that every time you cross the border,

you have to play some new tricks

this time, we are talking about

Jiangsu Suzhou wolaifei second generation store



when pan Yinghai was an interior designer, the curtain industry started, and he immediately joined the curtain industry

in his words,

interior design and curtains are one

When the wallpaper market rose,

he threw himself into wallpaper again,

in the form of a shop, curtain wallpaper with both hands

what is the most important

it is most important to seize market opportunities

emotional person

just asked Mr. Pan, "how do you become friends with customers?"

pan was always surprised:

isn't this a very normal thing

I am friends with many customers.

nothing unforgettable is unforgettable.

just naturally become friends

now pan Yinghai,

is a local well-known "person in the circle". If you form a team to play football, you will have a football match

do as you like, and you can play cross-border

move with nature

in fact, President pan has previously acted as an agent for other brand wallpapers,

inadvertently got "new luxury" at the Shanghai exhibition,

felt that the pattern design was very good,

learned from all aspects again,

both in terms of price, supply and service,

are well-known:

especially Wallace products are independently developed and produced,

as a professional nature,

he appreciates this very much,

has also contributed to the step-by-step upgrading from front-end stores to specialty stores:

as long as we always uphold the reputation of Wallace's products and services,

specialty stores will naturally open

it depends on fate

at the end of the interview, President pan suddenly asked me,

in fact, he is still a Buddhist disciple,

can I write this

why not

such a flesh and blood life is real

because Thaksin believes in cause and effect,

believes that everything is predestined

he felt that when the opportunity came,

things would be done naturally

like what he did before,

like the story that will happen between him and Wallace after this

it is rare for a person to live so casually

in his words:

I am lazy,

I have no pursuit, let it be

such a spontaneous happy attitude,

isn't it the best seasoning for life and work

then the key comes.

this time, Wallace's second-generation store is fully committed. Is it another market opportunity that he silently sees





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