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In recent years, many variety shows have emerged in China, with novel forms and wonderful contents, which are very attractive to audiences, so they have also become a new platform for brand advertising promotion. In the variety shows that have been broadcast, we also see the implantation of various brand advertisements

in recent years, many variety shows have emerged in China, with novel forms and wonderful contents, which are very attractive to audiences, so they have also become a new platform for brand advertising promotion. In the variety shows that have been broadcast, we also see the implantation of various brand advertisements. Some may have a profound impact on the audience, but others are still "unknown". Among these implanted brands, there are also home furnishing enterprises, such as "Quanyou home furnishing", "federal Gordon", "Nippon Paint", "Libo cabinet", "vantage" and so on. However, can variety shows become the "new favorite" of furniture enterprises for brand promotion

variety shows become "rookies", and household brands come to test the water

we review the development of China's film and television industry, and the development of variety shows is relatively slow. But in recent years, with the introduction of foreign variety shows, China's variety shows have shown explosive development, in various forms, but also involving all walks of life. Its novel form has attracted a large audience, which has also created a new "promotion position" for the brand

because TV has the characteristics of fast transmission speed and wide transmission range, it is easy to "circle fans" in a large area. Moreover, the content of TV is more intuitive and stimulating, which is more conducive to the audience to receive information. It is a good promotion resource for brands

however, in view of the diversity of variety shows, they will also take into account the relevance of brands and programs when choosing cooperative brands. So for home brands, when choosing the platform at the beginning, we should also consider the suitability of both sides, so as to successfully win the advertising resources. Now there are also some programs specifically related to home decoration. For example, the third season of the recently popular large-scale decoration reality show "dream of transforming home" was broadcast under the title of "Nippon". In the middle of the program, there are some soft implants of electrical appliances and furniture, which are generally more relevant. Therefore, for home brands, variety shows, as a new platform for brand promotion, can play a better role and have better results

because reality TV variety shows are originally based on real life, they are more generative for viewers, and household products are also related to all aspects of people's daily life, so it is more practical to implant advertisements. For home brands, such advertising methods are more vivid and interesting, thus increasing the influence of advertising

various fancy implants of home brands

for home brands, although the platform resources are very good, success is the key, that is, to be able to "advertise". First of all, because the cost of advertising is relatively high, if you can't receive the expected effect, it may be a losing business. Therefore, we have not seen a large number of household brands choose such a form of brand promotion, because the risk is relatively high. However, we can also see some cases that do well in advertising marketing

there are various forms of "tricks" in the way that advertisements are implanted into programs. Especially now, people have a certain rejection of advertisements on TV. They are tired of some usual ways, so now advertisements should be novel and attractive. For home brands, effectively showing the advantages of products or the key to success. If the performance reflection link of the product is set during the program, the audience can intuitively understand the characteristics of the product. "Dream of transforming home" has an introduction to the relevant performance and uses of paint and some household appliances. In this way, it can at least give the audience a chance to understand

however, some are just to leave a brand impression in the hearts of the audience. For example, Quanyou home, which is named "Xile Street", is a typical prop implantation. The pillows and brand mascots printed with Quanyou logo are implanted into the program, and the audience may remember the brand through these props. Such an implantation fit is still relatively high. There is also line implantation, which is the most common way of advertising implantation. The brand's advertising language is expressed through lines. This kind of "fragmentary thinking" is actually a way to constantly deepen the audience's memory. After a period of influence, the brand will naturally remain in the audience's mind

others use the popularity of the program as their own promotion "gimmicks", such as Renhao furniture, RISHANG door industry and so on. In addition to the publicity on the program, such cooperative events can also be used as brand marketing strategies to achieve better publicity effects. Because there are many brands that are often named and sponsored. If you don't take the initiative to promote, the effect may not be satisfactory. Therefore, advertising marketing still needs to be able to "play" in order to "play" well

variety show platforms are hot, and how household enterprises choose

there is no doubt that such a platform is a good promotion platform, but for household enterprises, such a platform is very attractive, but the risk is also considerable. In the face of such "problems", we can see that most home furnishing enterprises are still very rational, and everyone is still "watching". First of all, for large enterprises, their popularity itself is very high, and the title variety shows may only be icing on the cake, so they are not very attractive to them. Moreover, they have to bear the risk of losing their current popularity if they don't do it well. Therefore, well-known large enterprises have no "hands-on". For small and medium-sized enterprises, they may not be as rich and powerful as large enterprises. At the same time, they do not see relevant mature cases. For them, the implementation may not be high. And for the program itself, he will also have the right to choose and screen, which will deprive some brands of opportunities. So they are also watching

for most home furnishing enterprises, they are pragmatic and will not promote for promotion, but will make plans according to the development and needs of the enterprise. Their caution has also become an obstacle to the process of cooperation between the two. Therefore, although variety shows have become a dark horse in TV programs, it is not a mature opportunity for home furnishing enterprises

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