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With the rapid development of the Internet and the gradual maturity of the work of doors and windows, door and window enterprises are gearing up for listing. So for enterprises preparing for listing, how can they be listed smoothly? What should we consider

with the rapid development of the Internet and the gradual maturity of the work of doors and windows, door and window enterprises are gearing up for listing, so how can they be listed smoothly for enterprises preparing for listing? What should we consider

door and window enterprises still need to explore more when they go public

what can listing bring to door and window enterprises after all? After going public, how can enterprises control their talents to continue to move forward steadily? When it comes to innovation, the most mainstream trend for door and window enterprises is the innovation method of home e-commerce, especially the exploration of o2o. But for many door and window enterprises, this road is still a journey to explore

European markets are dominated by American shopping malls. The industrial concentration is very high. What is the reason for the high industrial concentration? It's very simple because they set a high threshold and have strong skills. In the future, it may be a topic for us to rely on the way of capital shopping malls and use new methods of capital shopping malls to develop enterprises, or to build the central competitiveness of enterprises and create customer value

and why is it listed? In fact, the purpose of listing is to expand the influence of the brand. Second, we should use the leverage of capital market and learn some methods of capital market, such as annexation and reorganization. In fact, many enterprises in the work hope to be listed, because listing has capital. In fact, there is a common direction after listing, that is, to improve standardization. The purpose is to make progress through standardized operation and power, and then form value points, which will eventually be transferred to customers. This is the ultimate goal of listed enterprises

door and window enterprises still need to improve their e-commerce.

Xiaobian believes that throughout the work of doors and windows, two directions should be considered when launching e-commerce: first, online to offline or offline to online, and this direction should be clear. Second, when making large products such as doors and windows, we will encounter problems such as installation and distribution

at present, the o2o method of shopping malls is pioneering. How to achieve common offline and online? The other is to do a good job in after-sales service. After sales, price and understanding are indispensable

in fact, no matter whether door and window enterprises want to be listed or not, enterprises need to constantly improve their strength and self-improvement. As long as they do so, they can win a place in the market





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